BellaVita iPhone Wristlet Review

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to review a very nice leather wristlet by BellaVita for my iPhone 4s. I received the wristlet in the color Bacca, which is a very pretty shade of intense pink; it isn’t pretty, pretty princess pink but it isn’t so bright that it burns your eye either. The wristlet, made out of a luxurious buttery soft leather, features a slot for your iPhone which gives you easy access to call, text, take photos and more but at the same time allows you to carry everyday necessities such as an ID, credit cards, and paper money. I like the idea of the BellaVita wristlet because it allows me to carry all of my outing necessities along with my phone without being bogged down by a huge purse all day. I loved to simplicity of the wristlet and the fact that it allowed me to keep my hands and shoulders free from the extra purse baggage I usually lug around.

The BellaVita comes in a variety of colors: Bacca (Pink), Violetta (Purple), Caramello (Tan/Camal), Marina (Navy Blue), Celeste (Blue), Cioccolato (Brown), and Fiore (Red). Each sells for $65.00 (for iPhone 4/4s version) and comes in a very nice sturdy box for safe keeping when not in use. If you aren’t into the wristlets, BellaVita also offers a leather iPhone wallet and also sells wristlets for the iPhone 5. BellaVita also offers a lifetime warranty on their products if registered within 14 days of receipt. The warranty covers against: leather cracking & tearing, unusual leather discoloration, excessive stretching, unraveling or loose stitching and malfunctioning metallic hardware. Be sure to check out BellaVita on Facebook for the latest updates in their collections.


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