Holiday Guide: Crimson Cases and CrimSkins for iPhone, iPad and more! R/G

Holiday Guide: Crimson Cases and CrimSkins for iPhone, iPad and more! R/G

A few months ago, I switched to an Apple iPhone 4S from another major branded phone. I have loved my iPhone ever since and especially LOVE the CrimsonCase-150x150selection of skins and cases that are available for it, which weren’t available for my old phone. Recently, I had the chance to review an iPhone 4S case from Crimson Cases: the silver Aluminum Frame Case (AFC) and a blue sparkly CrimSkins.

Crimson Design Co. was founded in 2010 with offices in Los Angeles, the United Kingdom, and Taipei. It offers a wide variety of products for the Apple collection – iPhone (including the 5), iPad, iPod, and Macbook – using only the highest quality materials.

I was super excited when my Crimson cases arrived in the mail! I gave the Silver Aluminum Frame Case to Alan to test out on his black iPhone 4S while he put the blue sparkly CrimSkin on my white iPhone 4S.

Aluminum Frame Case

The Crimson AFC is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and weighs only 19 grams making it super light. The iPhone is protected around the edges (it doesn’t protect the screen by covering it) without obstructing ports, controls and cameras. It features engineering-grade resin corner guards with EVA foam for a snug fit, durable anodized or polished finishes, and stainless steel screws.

I watched Alan as he put the AFC on his iPhone. It looked pretty simple; unscrew the screws at the corner, place the iPhone in the case and screw back on the top using the included screwdriver. The case is held in place by the screws and has to be unscrewed in order to remove which makes this case unique compared to others because it won’t easily slip off like rubber cases. Alan has been using the Crimson Aluminum Frame Case for a few weeks now and his thoughts are very positive. He likes that it is light weight, it still fits in his carrying case that attaches to his belt, it is easy to hold (after getting used to the design of it) and it protects the iPhone from being damaged when dropped. Alan told me yesterday that he dropped his iPhone on the concrete ground during work and there was not a scratch to be seen on his phone; he reported that he likes the AFC because when the phone is dropped, it shifts within the case as to minimize the impact resulting in minimal to no damage.

Crimson Aluminum Frame Case


CrimSkins are a unique product by Crimson Cases. They aren’t a case or a frame, but rather a protective skin that dresses up the frame (the silver part) of your iPhone. CrimSkins are available in a variety of colors and finishes and are easy to to apply to the frame of your phone. The wrap-around skins deliver both style and protection and can be combined with the Crimson Aluminum Frame Case.

Alan applied the blue sparkly CrimSkins that I received for my phone. It was an easy task as you simply peel off the skin from the plastic it comes on and apply it to the outer silver frame of your phone like a sticker. The CrimSkins for the iPhone 4S come with two skins: one for the 4S version and one for the iPhone 4. I loved the color of the blue sparkles and got MANY compliments from co-workers, they all wanted to know where I got it from. The only downside to using the CrimSkin is that is ONLY protects the outer frame of the iPhone; it doesn’t protect the screen and you will more than likely damage your phone greatly if it is dropped on a hard floor. This worried me a lot because I’ve been known to be clumsy with my phones in the past and I didn’t want to accidentally drop my iPhone and have it shatter to pieces. Also, while I loved the blue sparkle, I didn’t care for the rough finish of it and would have preferred for it to be more smooth. Alan did attempt to put the AFC on my phone with the CrimSkin on as well, but we couldn’t get the screw holes to line up in one of the corners to screw the case on. It seemed as though the skin was “pushing” the case outwards which made the holes not line up correctly. We hope this is just an isolated issue with the case we received, as I saw MANY photos on Crimson’s Facebook page that showed users using the CrimSkins along with the AFC. I have open dialogue with the company about this issue, so we’ll see!

CrimSkins iPhone

Overall, the Crimson Aluminum Frame Case and CrimSkin are great products to dress up, style and protect your iPhone! They would make great gifts for any tech buff and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. The Crimson Aluminum Frame Case is available in 10 colors: silver, white, black, red, gold, 24k gold, chrome, orange, pink and purple and vary in price starting at $39.95 to $69.95. The AFC also comes with two screen protectors in the package which I did not use as I already have a high quality one on my phone. The CrimSkins in sparkle are available in: silver, purple, black, blue and in black, red and white for a smooth non-sparkle finish. CrimSkins are also available as a back skin only in: black, gold, white, silver diamond pattern and 5 different variety of wood-like finishes. CrimSkins are $8.95.

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