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Ease Your Aches & Pains with TheraPearl Neck Wraps


Aches and pains are not something that I am accustomed to or have on a regular basis, but every now and again I’ll get aches in my neck an shoulders especially when I’ve been working at the computer for too long. Most of the time, I just try to let the aches and pains wear off without doing anything or taking any medication. Other times, I will take a hot bath to soothe the pain and hope that it goes away or take a medication if the pain is that bad. Recently though, I had the chance to try out a great product that helps soothe the aches and pain in the neck and shoulders without taking any medication and without having to get in the water. [CONTINUE READING…]

My Collections

random thoughts

When I was younger, I use to collect Holiday Barbies. You know the ones that are released every Christmas in the fancy boxes that you aren’t supposed to open; well half of mine are open because I didn’t know any better when I was five years old and my parents never told me not too! The Holiday Barbie was something I looked forward to every Christmas as I got older because my grandmother always gave me that years Barbie as a gift. I still have those Barbies somewhere, most likely in the attic at my grandmother’s home, even though I stopped collecting them long ago. [CONTINUE READING…]

Pambra’s: The Original Bra Liner


Today, we’re going to talk about something a bit more personal and probably a bit “to much information” for some…the topic of sweaty breasts! Yup, lovely right? Well not really because suffering from either of them is quite uncomfortable and not something that is often talked about but when I got the chance to try out a product that is geared towards combating these uncomfortable things, I said yes because who wants to go through life being uncomfortable! [CONTINUE READING…]

My Dream: Becoming a Social Worker


Sometimes, blogging can be a pain in the butt especially when you want to blog about something OTHER THAN reviews and giveaways but aren’t exactly sure what to blog about. I mean, I guess I have TONS of stuff I could blog about outside of reviews but will you really find it interesting? Probably not. So, I’m going to give this Daily Prompt thing a try for when I want to blog but I’m not exactly sure what to blog about. It’s a bit of a story but there are pictures!! Okay here we go! [CONTINUE READING…]

Purex Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets: 3x The Fragrance

Purex Fabric Softener Sheets

As a Purex Insider, I get the chance to try out some fabulous products from the Purex brand and other companies. A few weeks ago, I had another great product from Purex show up on my front door step and it came at a perfect time because I was needing some fabric softener sheets! I didn’t realize that Purex even made a fabric softener sheet and had been using an off brand for some time, however after trying out the Purex Fabric Softener Sheets I might be switching the brand I use. [CONTINUE READING…]

Natural Balance Jerky Bark Dog Treats #review


Bella and Max enjoy getting treats to test out every month from Chewy.Com and July was no exception. I try to vary the flavors and types of products we get so that the two little ones have a variety. This past month I chose Natural Balance Jerky Bark in the Chicken and Sweet Potato flavor.  [CONTINUE READING…]

Our Wedding Venue & Engagement Pictures

Getting Married

Alan and I have been back from Charleston, SC for two weeks now and I am still trying to get things unpacked; that’s what I hate most about traveling, packing and unpacking! Our visit with family was very successful  because we found our wedding venue & took our engagement pictures. So let’s just get on with it because I know you are dying to know which venue I picked out of all of our options… [CONTINUE READING…]