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Smile Brilliant! Teeth Whitening System Review & Giveaway


For years, my main beverage consumption has been in the form of dark pop (e.g. Coke) or tea (e.g. black tea) which can have a negative effect on your teeth. Not only can these drinks effect the enamel and cause dental issues, but they turn teeth yellow due to their dark coloring! My teeth were no exception and have become yellow over the years, some days they look better than others and depending on the type of tooth paste I’m using, don’t look as yellow as weeks before. I had always wanted to try teeth whitening but was turned off by it due to the cost; who wants to pay more for a dental visit than they have too outside of cleanings? Luckily, I had the chance to try out SmileBrilliant! an at home teeth whitening system that will help you achieve the whitest smile you’ve always wanted without the cost of a trip to the dentist office.

According to the SmileBrilliant! website: SmileBrilliant! is a national dental lab designed to help our customers receive professional strength teeth whitening without ever visiting a dentist. Our lab was specifically created to curb the high cost of cosmetic teeth whitening that is charged at dental offices around the world. Our lab creates custom-fitted bleaching trays and professional strength bleaching gel.

I received the SmileBrilliant! Brilliantly Simple LED Teeth Whitening System to try out at home. Their teeth whitening system is unique because it uses a high intensity Ultra-Blue LED activating light that helps the whitening gel become more effective at removing stains on your teeth. The package includes the LED light, protective trays for the top & bottom teeth, 4ml professional whitening gel pen (35% concentration) and has a life-time tray replacement warranty. By using this simple system, you can have whiter teeth at home in as little as 20 minutes per day; simply, brush on the whitening gel onto your teeth, place the trays on the top & bottom for protection and place the LED light in your mouth and hold it in place with your lips. After 20 minutes, you will have visibly whiter and brighter teeth! I thought the SmileBrilliant! system did a great job at removing some of the yellow on my teeth and think it is a great alternative to visiting the dentist.

SmileBrilliant! wants all Blissful Reviews readers to feel great about their smile, so they are giving one lucky reader a chance to win their own SmileBrilliant! Brilliantly Simple LED Whitening System to try out. Keep up with the latest teeth whitening news & products by following SmileBrilliant! on Facebook & Twitter.


ONE (1) SmileBrilliant! Brilliantly White Teeth Whitening Kit

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  • Colleen Maurina February 12, 2013 at 2:21 am

    I use a whitening toothpaste but it really doesn’t do the job.

  • MissT February 13, 2013 at 11:46 am

    I gave up whitening I used to use those White Strips but I would slobber them right off making them useless.