Uglee Pen: Ergonomic Pen #review

Uglee Pen: Ergonomic Pen #review

When I was in grade school & high school, I remember hating having to write by hand for long periods of time because I would get a bump on my Uglee-Pen-2-768x1024middle finger from how I hold my pencil and pens. That bump would become sore and soft and then after not writing for awhile would become hard and dry like a callous. Oh, I hated having to write by hand! However, I recently got the chance to try out a really cool product that is supposed to help with the discomfort of holding a pen while writing and make it comfortable to write.

The product is called the Uglee Pen and it is an ergonomic pen that was designed, created and is used by a real physician. The pen features a soft squishy grip that is engineered to follow the anatomy of the hand and contours to the shape of your fingers to provide maximum comfort while writing. The grip makes writing comfortable and easy for those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis, or if you simply grip your pen to hard. It also allows for younger children learning to write to hone in on their fine motor skills!

When I first received the Uglee Pen, I was a bit taken aback because man is it UGLEE. Even, Alan said “man what an UGLEE pen..” But I was interested to see why this pen was so unique and after writing with it for awhile, it has become a favorite and sits on my desk in reach for when I need something to write with. I really like the soft squishy grip because of the issues I’ve had in the past (mentioned at the beginning of post!) with gripping my pens to hard and causing a callous like bump to form. I use to buy grips to put on my pens and pencils to avoid the discomfort but they never really worked. The Uglee Pen grip is very comfortable and makes holding the pen comfortable as well.

The Uglee Pen is available in Blue, Black and Red inks and a variety of colors for the body: yellow, green, blue, pink, red, white and silver. They retail for $19.99 for a pack of 3 pens and can be order via their website. For more information, check Uglee Pen out on Facebook!

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