Holiday Guide: MailPix, Turning Images into Memories. Review & #Giveaway

I took my first photography class when I was in junior high school. From that point on, I had a love for photography that could not be explained. I never thought I was great at it, I just thoroughly enjoyed taking photos of anything and everything. The sound of the shutter, the capturing of that perfect image, the post-processing that an image goes through to create something amazing and then…to have that photo printed and displayed in your home or in the home of a loved one; the feeling is indescribable!  It wasn’t until recently that I started to look through my collection of photographs and picking out the ones I wanted to get printed for display in my home and ones that I wanted to give as gifts to family members and friends for the holidays. I searched high and low for a reputable printing service that would provide me with quality products that would be great looking and was lucky to have come in contact with someone at MailPix. is a wonderful site that started out of the concern that a whole generation of photo memories – stored online, on discs, in cameras and in smartphones – would be lost to future generations unless preserved as photo books, prints, cards, enlargements and other tangible products.

The goal of MailPix is to keep costs low and pass savings along to consumers. They use the latest easy-to-use web technology, integrated with social media making it easier than ever to turn digital photos, Facebook and Instagram pictures into amazing photo products!

I had the opportunity to order $100 worth of products from Their site was easy to use and navigate and I appreciated that my MailPix account was linked to Facebook and automatically uploaded all of my photos from my albums directly to their site; this option allowed me to avoid having to re-upload my numerous “non-Facebook, non-smartphone” photos that I take with my fancy camera, which would have taken hours. After creating my account and populating it with my photographs, I browsed through the site over a course of a couple of days to determine what I wanted to use my MailPix credit on. I decided on the following: 1x Snowflake Ornament, 2x Canvas Print 11×14, 2x Wallet Magnet, 1x Photo Magnet 4×6, 1x 12 Month Calendar 11×8.5, and 48 4×6 prints.

For each type of product, you are taken through a “project tutorial,” where you name each project (in case you are creating multiple pieces of the same type of product), and then taken to your selection of photographs. You have the option to use photos automatically uploaded via Facebook or Instagram or can create new collections of photos and use the upload button to upload from the project page. Once you’ve decided on which photo you’d like to use for your project, simply click & hold to drag the photo to the project or double click the photo of choice to add it to the template. Once placed on the template, you are given the options to zoom in on your photograph and make the image around for a better fit. Below is a screenshot of one of the canvas I created using a photograph I took of Kansas Field Grass. The photograph I used is vertical image, thus I had to rotate it in order for it to fit correctly on the canvas template. You can also see the other photographs available to me in my collection on the sidebar. After you have played around with your photograph and have it positioned the way you like, simply save the project and add it to your cart. Simple as pie! Each product that MailPix offers has a project tutorial that will walk you through the steps of positioning your photographs to make a beautiful creation. The only downside I found while creating my projects was that you are not given the ability to zoom out, only to zoom in. This created some difficulties as my images are very large and I couldn’t fit some of the details into the projects that I was creating. The suggestions to add a zoom out option was forwarded to the company.

After I was done creating my projects and adding them to the cart, I went through the check out process which was hassle free. Then I waited. My creations started to arrive one by one, first the snowflake ornament, then the canvases and lastly the prints, magnets and calendar. If you are ordering multiple products, it is important to note that they could be shipped at various intervals. Too say that the creations are beautiful and amazing are an understatement. The prints are very colorful and when compared to my prints from a different company, I would say MailPix is very on-par with top quality photo printing. The wrapped canvases are gorgeous and I plan to hang them in my dining room. The snowflake ornament has made a great addition to my Christmas Tree this year and the magnets & prints are going to make great gifts for family. I also can’t wait to use my 2013 monthly calendar which has been customized with my personal photographs! has beaten my expectations x100, and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking to create thoughtful and keepsakes gifts for family and friends. They offer a wide variety of custom photo books, photo prints, ornaments, calendars, mouse pads, bags, blankets and more. Currently, they have a number of amazing deals going on including 100 4×6 prints for FREE, Snowflake ornaments for $5.00 (originally $19), customized Fleece Blankets for $20 (originally $43) + shipping and many more (all deals end 12/31/12). And because I want you to have a keepsake of your own, one lucky Blissful Reviews reader can enter below to win a customized spiral bound 8.5×11 12 Month 2013 Calendar printed on 100lb. Matte Cover Paper from MailPix!

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