Why Choose an Infant Car Seat for Your Child

Posted by Alan Fahrenthold on July 8, 2016

Babies are small little beings that you should keep safe at anytime of the day. If you want to travel with your kids and at the same time you are driving your car, it is essential for you to get the right baby car seats to keep your children safe while you are driving. If your kid is for about thirty-five to forty pounds and is about thirty-two up to thirty-five inches tall, the best that will suit your child is an infant car seat. The challenge here is that for so many options you can find available for you to get, you want to assure you that you find the right seat for your small ones.

This type of car seat is fixed to facing the rear side of your car, and since it is classified for infants, you can definitely have your little one-year old kid placed on the seat safely while you drive. Take note that there are other options such as convertible and booster seats. However, if your main concern for getting a car seat for your baby is for safety reasons, then it is best that you opt for an infant car seat.

child passenger safety

Some parents would choose to get a convertible seat for their child as it can be converted facing forward or the rear side of the car. Although a newborn baby can fit on this type of seat, it can be quite complicated having the straps tightened for the little one which means it is a less safety option for your young. The same situation applies when using all-in-one car seats. You should opt for a seat where your child fits perfectly without having to compromise their safety.

One more important factor that you should look into when searching for the right car seat is the convenience that you and your child can get from it. All-in-one and convertible car seats are way heavier than the seats made for infants. These seats for infants are a lot smaller which makes it convenient for you to carry anywhere you go. Instead of having your baby transferred into another carrier, you can conveniently bring your baby with you as you snap the seat out of the base of your car.

Keep in mind that your little ones will soon outgrow the infant car seat that you are using to keep them safe. Eventually, you will have to look for other options when it comes to installing a safer and a more comfortable seat in your car. For the mean time, until your children reach the ideal weight and height to upgrade their seats, you can keep them safe in a car seat made for infants while traveling.