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Love Coffee? Win a Keurig OfficePro Coffee Brewer!

Keurig OfficePRO Giveaway

I am not a coffee drinker but my fiance, Alan, is. He loves coffee and has a special drawer filled with all of the different flavors he loves to drink. About a year ago, Alan’s mother bought him a Keurig Vue coffee brewer (different than above) as a birthday present; he was extremely excited to get a Keurig because it meant he was upgrading from a boring & plain single-pot coffee machine to an amazing coffee machine that could brew any type of beverage known to man (or so it seemed like!).

Even if you aren’t a coffee drinker, you can still benefit from having a Keurig coffee brewer like the Keurig OfficePro because they give you the options to not only brew coffee but also beverages like hot chocolate (a must in the winter!) and some cold drinks like lemonade with what seems to be the snap of your finger. It is definitely a must have product if you enjoy refreshing drinks, whether hot or cold. [CONTINUE READING…]

$100 Kohl’s Gift Card #Giveaway from @GiftCardRescue

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How many gift cards do you have sitting around? Do you have gift cards to stores or restaurants that you either don’t visit often or are not near you? Well, stop letting that money just sit around, instead go to GiftCardRescue.com and turn that unwanted gift card into cash or into the gift card that you could use! Cool, right?

GiftCardRescue.com’s mission is to assist you in getting something from your cards. The company buys gift cards from those who don’t want them and sells them to those who would use them.

You have two options, you can sell your gift cards and get up to 90% cash back or you can save from 4% up to 30% on discounted gift cards to over 350 national merchants. Plus, GiftCardRescue.com guarantees that all transactions are backed by the best customer support team in the industry. [CONTINUE READING…]

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Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons only $0.67 at Target!

deals and steals

I wish I could say that I know how to coupon and get the best deals ever. I wish I could say that I am an extreme couponer (or maybe not that extreme) and have an amazing stockpile to show all my readers, but I don’t! I coupon when it is convenient for me and when I just happen to find a great deal like the one I am sharing with you today. [CONTINUE READING…]

How to Be An Organized Blogger

blogging tips

Being an organized blogger is extremely important, whether blogging is a hobby (here & there) or on a regular basis. You have to be able to manage your contacts, your received dates, your deadlines, your giveaways, EVERYTHING. It can be difficult to get organized when you have a constant flow of things coming in the mail and showing up in your inbox, but learning how to be an organized blogger isn’t that difficult! Everyone has a system that works for them, a system that helps keep everything organized or at least ATTEMPTS to keep everything organized. I’ve taken tips from different places and implemented them in ways that suit my needs, below is a list of tips that I’d like to pass on to you in hopes that they’ll help you become more organized. [CONTINUE READING…]

Carrington Farms Organic Flax Paks #review

Carrington Farms

Ask anyone that knows me well and they will tell you that I am a very picky eater and very picky about what I put into and on my food. However, I’ve been trying to be more open to trying new things and stepping outside of my comfort zone when it comes to food; trying new foods is also part of becoming a more healthy eater as you have to find new healthier versions of the foods you love! Recently, I have been on a smoothie kick and have read a lot about adding things such as flax seeds to smoothies to give them an extra boost of healthiness in the form of Omegas so when I was approached to review a flax seed product, I gladly accepted! [CONTINUE READING…]

Kansas Jayhawks in NCAA Tournament

KU vs Purdue

When you live in Kansas, you are one of two things a) a Kansas Jayhawks fan or b) a Kansas State Wildcats fan. There is always the exception to the rule with those outsiders who choose to be a Mizzou fan or some other random college fan, but generally you live & breathe KU or K-State. And if you happen to be a huge KU Jayhawks fan, like myself, then you live and breathe all things basketball when March rolls around and the start of the NCAA tournament picks up. [CONTINUE READING…]

BIC Tech Stylus 2-in-1 Pen #review #giveaway


It is no lie that my household is a technological household in that we own every piece of technology product/equipment known to man (or so it seems!). Last year, my fiance bought his first Apple iPad 2 which induced a search for a stylus that would work well with the iPad; the search continued after we both got iPhones and became addicted to playing those darn games. Having a stylus on hand definitely makes playing games on the iPhone or iPad a lot easier, so when I was approached to try out a new 2-in-1 stylus & pen product I jumped at the chance in hopes of finding a great stylus that would suit our needs! [CONTINUE READING…]